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Carpet From Potomac

We value our clients' input on what they dream their new flooring to look like. By listening, we can tailor the best product visually as well as from a durability standpoint for the project. We power stretch all of our carpet installs so it will be very unlikely that a carpet will ever wrinkle.

Why Carpet:
Carpeting a room offers comfort, style, color and a cozy feeling that few products can offer. Carpet offers one the ability to have the noise in a room absorbed, giving a more comforting low key space in the home.

Today we now have carpets that have waterproof backings. Many carpets have fibers that are virtually stain proof! Moreover many styles of carpet are less synthetic in appearance and feel. Think of what a carpet made of cotton may feel like.... well they're very similar.

With color, comfort, warmth. There is NO substitute.

When choosing a carpet one of the biggest considerations is how is the room going to be used? More formal rooms look great with floral and design carpets. Solid colors and several room combinations of one color tend to make the area look larger and have better flow. Color changes can somewhat look like a visual wall or break. Multi tones are excellent for their traffic and soil hiding capabilities.

The use of professional selective spot cleaners and enzymatic spot treatments will help with stains. Professional steam cleaning every 18 to 24 months is required to keep the carpet under warranty.

We offer take up old flooring and removal. We can provide moving of the furniture. When a job is professionally installed there is no doubt it is done correctly and warranties will not be affected by a do it yourself mistake.